What is Apex and How Does It Work?

Apex is an AI-driven analytics platform that, at its core, explains how well you are delivering the type of experience your customers desire, and what is required for improvement.

Apex is the world’s first intelligence platform that translates customer desires into revenue and growth.

Other customer experience or satisfaction metrics such as NPS (net promoter score) or CSAT (customer satisfaction score) may be more well known and broadly used, but Apex is proving to be more meaningful and actionable. That’s because, as many users are finding, Apex answers two crucial questions that are crucial to business success, but left unanswered by these other methodologies – “why” and “what’s next”?

We know that, in order to get to the heart of why your audience buys your products, engages with your content, or clicks that CTA, you need to understand the desires they have and hold about your brand. Behavioral science tells us that how we feel and what we believe informs and influences our intentions, and ultimately, our actions. Apex was built on this principle.

What is the Apex Intelligence Platform?

Apex is an AI-driven analytics platform that, at its core, explains how well you are delivering the type of experience your customers desire, and what is required for improvement. Apex analyzes your brand’s performance in relationship to 16 specific consumer desires, and their impact in driving behaviors of action and advocacy. Our ability to quantify universal human emotions like Dependability (do you have their back) or being Principled (you always make up for mistakes) to understand customer expectations and guide business decisions is what makes Apex distinct.

The platform contains two primary outputs, a score and an assessment.

The Apex score is, in fact, two different scores. The first, representing the typical customer, quantifies how well you are delivering an experience today to most customers. The second, representing your loyalists, measures their level of engagement and passion with you. It establishes the high bar for how well you can succeed in delivering an optimal experience, and uncovers which specific desires are most important to improve, amongst those who are not yet that loyal.

The Apex Assessment digs deeper, beyond the scores, to uncover why they are what they are, and what they could become in the future. A full report is produced that puts the Apex scores in context by enabling users to look “under the hood” to understand the “why” of the numbers, and what’s needed for improvement. This assessment helps companies get prescriptive and predictive so they can confidently explore new growth opportunities with consumers, B2B clients, donors, employees, association members, voters, or other similar audiences.

How does an Apex Assessment work?

In order to start an Apex assessment, you need to field our core Apex survey questions with your audience and upload this data into the Apex platform. The Apex survey – based on behavioral science principles, has been formulated to create a complete picture of the relationship that your customers have with you today, and desire in the future. 

Our algorithm uses a proven behavioral science-based framework, and statistical methods like regression modeling, to surface and quantify these desires into a high-level score. But that’s only the starting point.

Apex then ingests additional customer data from a variety of surveys, text, and crm sources, in order to produce a more meaningful set of customer-driven metrics that drive better action priorities and clearer ties to bottom-line outcomes.

Our dashboard will give you access to your complete Apex assessment, plus a report that’s full of insights to inform any aspect of your customer experience strategy.

Ready to improve the relationship with your customers? Reach out to us at [email protected] and our team can help get you started today! You can also sign-up for free here and spend time exploring our dashboard and a sample report. 

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