About Us

Learn how Apex simplifies customer understanding by decoding customer desires through behavioral science and AI, driving better business outcomes.

What is Apex?

In a world teeming with data, we’ve harnessed the power of advanced behavioral science and AI technology to decipher why people make the choices they do. Specifically, for CX applications, we aim to decode the factors that drive customers to make repeated purchases and advocate for brands.


Why are we in business? Because, using CX practices and tools to influence action confidently is no small feat. Deciphering metrics like Net Promoter Score (NPS) and Lifetime Value (LTR) and prioritizing social media listening and text analysis can be demanding. We understand that organizations strive to grow and thrive, and we’re here to empower them with better insights, faster decision-making, and, ultimately, better outcomes.

We are a dynamic team of scientists, researchers, and engineers driven by a singular mission: to unlock the hidden potential of Customer Experience (CX) through the fusion of cutting-edge science and technology.

Our Intelligence Engine

Our secret sauce lies in our intelligence engine, a unique fusion of scientific expertise and cutting-edge technology. This engine allows us to elevate CX conversations from isolated data points to holistic business investment strategies. We work with customer data, and we seamlessly integrate with existing systems like Medallia and Qualtrics, ensuring a hassle-free experience for our clients.


But here’s what sets us apart: we’re not just another platform that demands your daily attention. We’re here to do the heavy lifting for you, using our deep understanding of human behavior to simplify the complex. Deciphering NPS and LTR and navigating the maze of social listening becomes a breeze. We bridge the gap between insights and action, all from your customers’ perspective.

Empowering Success

At Apex, we recognize that your business’s success depends on more than superficial customer feedback. Our cutting-edge platform delves deep, meticulously measuring key customer journey touchpoints to provide prescriptive insights and invaluable guidance for targeted enhancements.

Insightful Discoveries

What sets Apex apart is our ability to uncover customer decision-driving insights and themes. We don’t just collect data; we comprehensively analyze it to reveal audience motivations, allowing data-driven decisions that increase engagement and loyalty.

Seamless Integration, Exceptional Support

Apex offers more than just a platform; it’s a dedicated partnership for your success. We provide unparalleled business-driving insights and exceptional support, ensuring a seamless integration into your entire business and maximizing platform benefits.

How Apex Uses AI

Our cutting-edge technology is underpinned by a predictive AI model integrated into our algorithm. This AI model harnesses standardized survey feedback to unveil the emotional and rational facets of customer relationships that profoundly drive customer advocacy and usage throughout the entire journey. 

In our pursuit of expedience and efficiency, we also employ AI within our text analytics and survey delivery platforms, ensuring a comprehensive approach to enhancing the customer experience.