On Demand Webinar

Science of Customer Emotions Webinar

Explore the intriguing world of customer emotions and how they apply to customer experience in this informative webinar.

We recently hosted a live webinar featuring Nick Hobson, Apex’s Chief Scientist and a renowned leader in behavioral science strategy, discussing the science behind customer emotions in relation to improving CX and driving business growth. Michelle Martinez and Jason Hreha, who have years of experience in the retail space working with legendary brands such as Wayfair and Walmart, joined Nick in this conversation.

I'm a big proponent of leveraging the EX space to deliver truly exemplary customer experiences. When you really invest in employee experience, you get an engine for innovation in the organization.

During the webinar, Nick and the guest speakers explored techniques and strategies to create an unforgettable customer experience by understanding the impact of emotions on decision-making. They covered a wide range of topics, including the role of empathy in customer experience design, the effect of emotional intelligence on customer service, and how businesses can leverage emotion to build brand loyalty. As a result, attendees gained insights from the best in the industry and learned how to apply these strategies to their own businesses.

If you can actually measure emotions, you can actually understand how people feel throughout the customer journey when interacting with different parts of a product or after certain experiences. It's very important to measure emotions.

If you missed the live session, don’t worry. We recorded the entire webinar for your convenience. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to learn from industry leaders and improve your business’s customer experience.